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Dandelion Fields

1:1 Health & Nutrition Consulting

Through 1:1 Health and Nutrition Consulting, we will asses all things YOU. We will take a deeper look into your physical, mental and emotional well-being, and work together to bridge the gap between information and action. We will take a holistic approach to discover and bring out the best you, possible! Programs are designed with you, for you, and are meant to help you discover and empower your best, YOU!


Get it? It’s all about you 


Health and wellness consulting is available in 12 week commitments, and include:

  • Initial nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle assessment

  • Bi-weekly coaching check-ins (virtual or in-person 60 minutes) 

  • Weekly food and mood journal review and recommendations

  • Personalized nutrition and movement recommendations

  • Education and recommendations for anxiety management and better sleep

  • Personalized goal setting and achievement recommendations

  • Education and recommendations for better time management/scheduling/organization habits

  • Communication via email or text with a 48 hour guaranteed response time

Trust me, I have been there - weight fluctuation, body image dysmorphia, disordered eating, life depression and postpartum depression, anxiety, cancer, living through traumas, chronic medical conditions, just to name a few. You know what I learned through it all?


There is healing and there is hope! Don't give up. Invest in yourself. 


Fall in love not only with you at your highest potential, but with every inch of yourself along the way! 

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