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An Experience to Share

I began my coaching relationship with Hiliary Chisholm during a time when I was feeling stuck and extremely frustrated in trying to reach my goal weight. My self esteem and body image were at an all time low. I felt like I had a host of challenges working against me, several of which were complicated health issues beyond my control. Hiliary did not shy away from taking me on as a client. She believed in me from the start and was willing to work with my unique situation because she cared so deeply about helping me feel better.  Hiliary thoughtfully and strategically worked with me in empowering me to control what I could with my diet, lifestyle and fitness. Checking in with me regularly, she wasn't focused just on what the scale and measurements were showing but on how I was managing my plan and feeling physically, mentally and emotionally. Throughout our time together, Hiliary was attentive to my needs and willing to work with me in continually optimizing my plan so I'd see both scale and non-scale victories. With Hiliary, I made progress for the first time in 18 months of independently trying to lose weight! It was rewarding to not only see my hard work pay off, but begin to feel better about myself and regain some of the confidence I had so desperately been lacking. Hiliary Chisholm is a powerhouse motivator and coach. She brings passion, knowledge and genuine care to her clients in helping them reach their goals and full potential. I wouldn't hesitate to jump on board in working with her as you work toward a better YOU!

- Hope Schmidt

Stacked Wooden Logs

Hiliary is the BEST!  I thought that at the age of 68 it was too late to change my strength and conditioning and my nutrition, but I was wrong!  With her help I changed my diet for the better, which gave me more energy.  Then, with her advice,  I improved my balance and stretching routine by including dumbbells which increased my strength.  Finally, her encouragement has helped me find a fitness routine that I am comfortable with and that works for me.  AND, she still lets me eat occasional ice cream!

- Jim Lee

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