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Group Education

Through Group Education, topics of interest are geared toward a particular crowd. Whether it be basic nutrition education for beginners, stress reduction for the overwhelmed, or wellness education for those with disabilities, the goal of group education is to provide insights on the specified topic in ways that are easy to understand, and provide education on the fundamentals of implementation. The hope of group education is to promote positive changes in the attitudes and behaviors of group members, and allow members to experience a glimpse of what 1:1 services could look like. A minimum of five people per group encouraged. Group rates available for groups of 20+.

  • Potential Group Education Topics
    • Basics of Nutrition

    • Weight loss/Weight Management

    • Goal Setting/Achievement

    • Motivation/Action Plans

    • Habit/Lifestyle Change

    • Time Management/Scheduling/Organizing

    • Disability Education/Support

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