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A River in France

Disability Services

Over the last fifteen years, I've worked in multiple disability service sectors - the last seven years,  as the Executive Director for a Non-Profit, supporting persons with disabilities in their quests to become happy, healthy, safe and as independent as possible. What's one thing I've learned in working as a disability specialist? EDUCATION SERVICES FOR TOTAL WELLNESS GEARED TOWARDS PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES DO NOT EXIST (at least not in Northern, Minnesota!)! There have been so many times health and wellness education for persons with disabilities have been needed, but have been impossible to find. It is frustrating, it is maddening, and it is unfair. My hope is to bring equality, and provide health and wellness education to ALL persons. If you have a disability or support someone who has a disability, please know you are not alone. The resources available to you may have been lacking before, but I am SO EXCITED to support you as you start on this journey! We all have different abilities and strengths, and we are ALL entitled to feel healed and empowered, and we ALL are able to create our best selves. 

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